Service Rate Description
24-Hour Phone Support $20/hour (minimum 30 minutes) Basic Support via Phonecall
PC Setup $29.99/Unit + On-Site Hourly Rate + Supplies Installation of a new PC on The Network
Email Troubleshooting $39.99 / hour (+ supplies) Email Account Troubleshooting
Printer Services $39.99/Unit + On-Site Hourly Rate After 2 Hours Printer Installation, Ink Changeout, Paper Jam, Connection Servicing
On-Site Service $59.99/hour Basic Troubleshooting, Software Installation and Network Connection Servicing
Computer Tune-Up/Check-Up $79.99/hour (minimum 1 hour) Performance Enhancements, Advanced Troubleshooting, Installing Updates, Hardware Upgrades
Application Programming $79.99/hour Designing and programming Mobile Applications for Android and iOS Devices
Website Design $84.99/Hour Website Design and Management (Customized)
Data Wiring $100.00/Hour + Supplies Creating, Wiring and Installing Ethernet and Coaxial Cables, Ethernet Switches and other Networking Equipment
Wireless Network Setup $129.99 + On-Site Rate after first 2 hours Configuring Routers, Ip Addresses and Data Wiring
Server Management $150/hour (min 1 hour) Improving Server Performance, User Access/Management, Network Drives